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#1 - Cassia Gold

#2 Destani Simone

#3 Natalie Kennel

#4 Sonya Knight

#5 Ivana Grace

#6 Lolly Mariah

#7 Chenitha

#8 Keiyana


#10 BABY J


Be The Light & Share the Light!

Musicians, Artists We want to help Keep your Lights On during these dark times. Enter our Lidt Challenge “Light In The Dark” today & you could Win

$100! We are givingaway a Light Bill Blessing! Guidelines below... 

  1. Listen, Learn & Download or Stream LITD By CASME’ FT. AARON J

2. Record your version of LITD to the instrumental @

3. Post on your story & page

4. Tag @iamcasme @aaronjmusik  

NOTE: Top 5 Musicians and/or Artists will be chosen to perform Live Sunday at 1pm on Casme’s IG Live. (All will receive a gift.)

  1. Friends & Family will tag/vote their favorite in the comment section during the LIVE.

  2. On Monday we will announce the Winner with the most mentions (one per Ig acct). 

  3. Winner will receive $100 via Cash App or Venmo to help pay their LIGHT bill! 

LITD (Light in the Dark) by Casme' feat Aaron J.  Writer(s) Casme Barnes Carter, Jamal McGhee and O. Woods. 

LITD is a song to uplift people and let them know that it doesn't matter what is going on in the World, Jesus is the Light. Let the light from above shine thru each of us. #positive #message to remind us all that we are called to be a #light in dark places. #BeTheLight #LITDChallenge #Casmecares 


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