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On March 1st my immediate family began our road trip to Kissimmee, Florida. A couple hours away from our destination, all three of our family vehicles (including 23 people) decided to stop and grab some grub at Chick-Fil-A (one of my favs!). We ate, we laughed, we had good fellowship one with another, took family photos on the patio then proceeded to roll out! My sister Chaval is our family photographer/videographer so when she vocalized her desire to document our trip and that she wanted to film all of us getting into our vehicles. Although I was not dolled up as normal (hair done/combed lol nor without a spec of lip gloss or makeup) lol I was the first to proceed with excitement to get that camera action. Not far behind me was my honey Gary, whom I slowed down for so he could open the SUV door (like he always does). This time when the door opened, pink rose petals flew out into the wind, a beautiful bouquet of multi-colored roses set in between our seats and a banner marked “MARRY ME CASME’” greeted me like WHOA! I turned around and there Gary was with a gorgeous Emerald Cut Diamond Ring in hand ! Of course you know what happened next right?! To one knee he gracefully fell and requested my hand in marriage the good ol' traditional way...”CASMÈ, Will you Marry Me?!” And of course, I SAID... “YES!” My Mother, Father, 7 Sisters, Younger Brother, Nephews, Nieces and Brother -in-Laws were right there cheering us on and singing my song, “MY WEDDING SONG”! How cool was that?! So yessss, We are Officially Engaged!!! Stay tuned for more details!! MY WEDDING SONG by CASMÈ IS AVAILABLE ON ALL MUSIC STREAMING DEVICES! More details coming soon!! - CASME'


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