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NEW ORLEANS, La., January 1, 2021 – NBC’s “The Voice” contestant, and New Orleans Gumbo Artist, CASMÈ, is kicking-off 2021 with a never seen before virtual experience!

“The CASMÈ Gumbo Experience” is a 12-part virtual concert series where celebrity artist CASMÈ will release each of her newly packaged and released albums on the last day of each month in 2021. In this gumbo experience, each visual album will showcase a different music genre, where CASMÈ will feature 6-14 music singles. She will also perform the songs live at the end of the night with her band.

This unparallel project showcases CASMÈ’s gumbo artistry, just as fans were able to experience when they watched her perform on national TV. With each album highlighting a different music genre, this experience allows CASMÈ to display her gifts and talents as a multidimensional, multitalented, and uniquely gifted artist who can’t be limited to one type of music genre. CASMÈ is simply a “Gumbo Queen.”

“I am so excited to present this gumbo experience for my fans! My team and I worked extremely hard last year to make sure this venture would bring joy to many in 2021. I pray that, through this project, my God-given talents are able to make you dance, tap your feet, reminisce, dream again, nod your head, or sing along as you join me for an experience of all that music has to offer!”

“The CASMÈ Gumbo Experience” will be filled with fashion, art, New Orleans culture, stunning visuals, dance, and of

course original music by CASMÈ.

The MOTOWN experience will stream on January 31st at 7:00p.m. CST at Tickets for January’s MOTOWN experience are $20 each, but they are on sale for 50% off until January 10, 2021. Tickets for each visual album or for the entire 12-part collection can be purchased at

BAMM Communications is a public relations agency for celebrity artist Casmé.

For more information about BAMM, visit

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