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"CASME' finds the groove on Funkadelik" - SOUL TRACKS

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

First Listen: Casme finds the groove on "Funkadelik" 

Artists in recent years have their own ways to fuse modern R&B production techniques and vocal deliveries with the classic on the one swag of 1970s funk. Think Bruno Mars and Childish Gambino. These artists take that hard driving percussive bass line that features some Larry Graham inspired ‘thumpin and pluckin’ while vocally code switching between a sung and hip-hop delivery.

Some of the tunes might include other production elements associated with contemporary R&B such as auto tune or trap. On “Funkadelik,” New Orleans native Casme lets us know that though she can easily slip some modern vocal elements into her delivery that she draws her inspiration from the old school. From the song’s title that of course is a direct reference to one of funk’s greatest bands and that on the one bass line to her shout outs to 60s and 70s cultural icons such as James Brown and the Soul Train Line and the Electric Slide “Funkadelik” is a loving homage to that great era that is also in here and now. This is a track firmly dedicated to getting booties out of seats, backs off walls and hips in motion. Check it out.

By Howard Dukes of SOUL TRACKS

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