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Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Adriana Moore attended Warren F. Kaynor Vocational School where she majored in fashion design. Although she excelled during her time there, like many creative entrepreneurs, lack of proper support and mentorship caused her dream to be placed on hold.   In 2014, Moore joined The Wild Life Reserve, a fashion and brand incubator, where she found the backing and resources she needed and launched her vision to reignite women’s wear and create statement clothing and jewelry. 

At the age of 50 years young, Moore showcased her first collection, "BATU", during New Orleans Fashion Week on March 19, 2016. 

On the inspiration for her clothing line, Moore says, “My clothing is not created for every woman.  Instead, it is created for the distinctive woman who has a love for rich textiles and amazing prints.” In 2016, BATU COLLECTION is the seasoned traveler’s go-to label for haute monde style. With gorgeous blends of deep jewel tones, opulent fabric renditions, intricate textures, and robust prints, the BATU COLLECTION reflects an artistry that is simply stunning. The audience will enjoy viewing the pairing of BATU jewelry with her brilliant colors and textures for an amazing line. 


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