"#ArtistTalk: New Orleans Singer CASME Shows" By CHRISTINA JETER

"At the end of the day, I am the oldest of 8 children. I was raised in a house with a lot of love. Both of my parents are still married after 36 years. I realize a lot that young people around me were not as fortunate. I was bullied throughout middle and high school, just for being so nice to everybody; some people took advantage of that. I realized that hurt people hurt people at a young age. Because of the way I was raised and that I was blessed, I took it as my duty to help people. I feel like it is my calling to help others. I wanted to share what I knew and had with those around me who were hurting. I was surrounded by those who were being abused, molested and neglected. I made it a point to be a part of any organization, NOLA Director for “The Black Wall Street Tour” & The NO C Campaign” and start my own, CASME’ Cares Community Outreach to make a difference so that they could start focusing on loving themselves and teaching them to be more than average!"

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