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Updated: Feb 25, 2021

What chu sayyy??!! Seriously, it's such an honor to be compared to thee "Beyonce" because we all know how Amazing and dedicated she is to her gifts! I have heard people say how my work ethic reminds them of her over the last few years and more so lately after Part 1 of my virtual #CasmeGumbo Experience was released. #Humbled. Too whom much is given, much is required. This has fueled my fire to keep pushing and to keep the creative juices flowing more consistently and on purpose!

I've definitely been inspired by her musical and innovative works in Carmen, Lemonade & Black is King. Thoughts to myself said "Casmè you can do the same thing in your own way with your own music (especially since I have so much of it lol). And although I don't have a 300 crew tribe, that million dollar budget or a label backing me for this visual project, I have God's favor!

God has given me a huge vision and I'm blessed to have the support of my family and friends to produce and execute it! The purchase of tickets, sharing the posts, reposting the flyers, becoming a sponsor or an advertising all helps make this happen! It takes a village...thank you for being apart of my tribe!! Alot of time, heart work, hard work, sacrifice and burning the midnight oil have taken place!

Please get your tickets and invite the family over for a night of fashion, culture, music, positive vibes and fellowship!

I appreciate you all so much and could not continue this journey without your encouragement, love and support! We may have had a rough start but are coming along strong! 🔥This Sunday it’s going Down and will be streaming online ALL DAY LONG! Check out a sneak peek from our 1st Motown Flava Show at

Get your tickets now @ for $20, $35 VIP or subscribe for 6months for $75 and save $$$! Love you so much!!!

If times are hard, let e know and I'll send you a coupon code to bless you with a Free ticket.

Special Thanks to our February sponsors💜

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