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Eric Benét & CASMÈ “Spend My Life” LIVE

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Filmed by Chaval Barnes

"Not Only did I sing backgrounds for Eric Benet, I also opened for him AND did a Duet🙈🙊ALL GOD!!!! Periodt!!! After rehearsal I started praising and thanking God for real & guess who joined in?!?!?! Btw, Eric Benet was so gifted, humble & down to earth!!! What an honor to be working with a Legend 🙏🏾🔥❤️" - CASME'

(Rejoicing after rehearsal with the legendary Eric Benet)


"Eric Benet & I After an AMAZING SHOW!!! Dreams come true, never give up. If you quit you’ll never know what you could have happened." - CASME'

" I’m so grateful to God! Thank you The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra- NOJO Adonis !!!

Love yall!! SOUL of New Orleans" - CASME'


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