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"BLUE MOON" by Cfreedom ft. CASMÈ Official Video

WCWM: Who's Coming With Me & Cfreedom Photography presents Blue Moon by Cfreedom featuring Casme Cfreedom and Casme take a journey from the Blue Moon to bring forth healing and blessings to all of the Earthlings. ;-) This song is about overcoming hard times and doing the necessary self work to be your best brightest and lightest self. This is about not only curing the blues but curating the blues into creating healing for self and others; being the alchemist that we all are destined to be. Giving thanks and respect to God, the ancestors who made it possible for you and me to connect and be who we choose to be. May this love offering support you and your loved ones and all that you do along your journey. Producer, Writer & Director: Christine "Cfreedom" Brown Director of Photography: Jimi Clever of Angel Wing Films & Cfreedom of Cfreedom Photography Drone Operations: Jimi Clever of Angel Wing Films & Cfreedom of Cfreedom Photography Editor: Christine "Cfreedom" Brown Behind the Scenes Photo & Video and PAs: Devalon Cowart, Jr. Akelah Sherman, and Yahjah Kandous Beat Production: Pro$per Jones Recording, Mixing & Mastering: Lighthouse Studio Green Screen Room: Skyline Studios Make up & blue hair: Magnolia Makeup Hair style: Akashi Cole Barber: Rite Side Ronnie Blue Moon song artwork: Asia-Vinae Palmer Drawing on wall: the late "Jerry Brown Sr." my father Wardrobe: Christine "Cfreedom" Brown Flowers: Blucid Floral Chakra box, sage, and crystals: Kay La Yaya aka Nola Sage Lady Mirror: Reggie Art Blue Hat: Sheeky Styles Shades: Bold Lenses Casme's hair blue flower: Thais Flower Featured in video: Homeless vet at MLK statue: Bryan Brown (depicting a drawing from our late father) Violinist: Tanya Huang Yogi: Adrione Domino of Say Love Yoga Singing Bowl Woman: Stephanie Osborne of Meditate New Orleans Blue Kayak guy: Sage Micheal - @wcwm504 - @cfreedomphotography -

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